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Smart Businesses enjoy the ROI!

As a business, rarely do you have the opportunity to gain goodwill, differentiate from your competitors, help the environment AND cut costs. Incorporating solar can do just that.

With the 26% Federal investment tax credit and the business accelerated depreciation schedule, businesses can take advantage of a quick break even and large return on invested capital.

Why doesn’t every business have solar? Great question, we ask ourselves that everyday. Luckily for you, CustomSmart Solar is here to help your business get in on the best kept secret to hedge your utility costs and avoid volatile electrical price increases.

Commercial electric vehicle charging stations

With the rapid growth of electric vehicles, offering fast and convenient EV charging stations is one of the best ways to put your business on the map and attract new customers. JuicePump, our DC fast charging (DCFC) station, lets EV drivers charge up while they visit your business. JuicePump features two fast charging ports to offer versatile compatibility with all electric vehicles, including Tesla models.